Anunţ publicitar al Statului Român in ziarele mari ale lumii:

Anunţ publicitar al Statului Român in ziarele mari ale lumii:

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10 martie 2005

blog hacking is on the rise...

another friend: saludos e abrazos!
a friend: hola
a friend: read that and talk to me
a friend: i'm going back to the library to clear up a fine
another friend: i don't think you'll have a problem editing it!
a friend: done
a friend: refresh
another friend: otherwise, the text is not bad, just as expected when coming from you!
a friend: let's start cross-commenting
another friend: super!
a friend: and figuring out the trackback business
another friend: where did you get the blogging software from?
a friend:
another friend: resourceful as ever when need be!
another friend: what's wrong with blogspot?
a friend: i'm looking at customizing it, only been up a day now
a friend: i have another domain i'll be building up as a music site,
another friend: it's taken me weeks to tweak blogspot into what it is now
a friend: the idea is cross-referencing (design, critique, self-promotion, career) with (same thing for music stuff). will be the portfolio for the geniouses over at. Ha.
another friend: lucky you for you can circumscribe both under the same persona. i need to keep business away from pleasure...
another friend: that's why i got two different tracks
a friend: well i will try to keep them quite seperate
another friend: you saw how many people stop by?
a friend: i think its the same strategy
a friend: yes, you got alot of hits
a friend: very nice
another friend: maybe 1/2 of those is me playing with it, but still almost 500 in 2 weeks
a friend: personal contacts, or free floating readers?
another friend: i mean the Estonian one, the american one has only half the hits
another friend: both
another friend: 2/3 strangers, but not even friends come there if they don't like it so i deserve most of them!
a friend: we find our readers, or vice versa
a friend: the reader is always right
another friend: i do all kinds of tricks almost all day!
a friend: sounds kinky
another friend: esentially i identify places where i need to drop my fingerprints
a friend: heh heh
a friend: the myth of fingerprints
another friend: fashion, food, girls/boys etc
a friend: as the great paul simon once wrote
a friend: i dig it
a friend: i'll have some music online in a week or so
a friend: hoping you can help me get a push
a friend: you'll be the krugman of the former eastern bloc?
a friend: or the david brooks maybe
another friend: it seems i have a laptop from a pal on which i can go ahead and put skype as soon as i finish the 2nd stage remodellling
a friend: excellent
a friend: i know how to podcast now
a friend: i will be putting things up soon
another friend: then, let's try by the week's end to get started. where would we host them?
a friend: i can put them on
another friend: if i needed something similar in estonian, any ideas?
a friend: do you read RSS?
another friend: don't know what it is..
a friend: Feeds, tom, newsfeeds ...
a friend: all those little links on all the blogs
another friend: i think it's hard to go there, for me know, but that's the future!
a friend: as ablogger, you need to understand it asap
a friend: can i suggest something
another friend: precisely, yet i'm still content creator
another friend: yeah, go ahead without asking permision
a friend: of course
a friend: i strongly suggest getting this program
a friend:
a friend: do the trial
a friend: you will thank for it
a friend: me i mean :-)
another friend: so far i paid $100 on domain names and business cards ;-(
a friend: me too
another friend: so back to feeddemon
a friend: try feeddemon out, it is the most user friendly, content focused
a friend: also feeds are essential for job hunting these days IMHO
another friend: blah blah blah
a friend: try it
another friend: i want to buld a job and these blogs are the closest thing in years!
a friend: you'll like it
another friend: build a job
another friend: build a job
another friend: build a job
another friend: build a job
another friend: i'm already too smart
a friend: that's the ticket
another friend: i'm already too smart
a friend: i'm good enough
another friend: i'm already too smart
a friend: i'm smart enough
another friend: i need to get it outh there
a friend: and dog gone it, people like me
another friend: what's 'dog gone it'?
a friend: a silly US expression
another friend: ...
a friend: a refernece to saturday night live
a friend: ANYWAy
a friend: the podcast thing has a smallish geeky audience right now
a friend: and the quality of the material is poor, both technically and in content
another friend: getting content in ipods and portable shit is the biggest thing--bigger than satellite radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a friend: we could have window to become know in that spce
another friend: man, you've got to follow and i've got to listen
a friend: exactly, bu the material is not ready for prime time
a friend: it is good timing to move aggressively if we can produce stellar content
another friend: i'm not talking about songs alone, i'm talking about people's downloading us and listening to our silly conversations anywhere in the world!!!!!!
a friend: whatever
another friend: alone
another friend: fuck you, could you call me or i call you?
a friend: good content can fill this space, it is crap right now, but the buzz is overwhelming
a friend: tomorrow, i need to address a howling child
another friend: tomorrow i need to address the remodelling
another friend: that's why i needed time until the weekend (hopefully)
a friend: OK please do this for me: read up on podcasting as a business model
another friend: i don't need to read, i fell it, i can teach others!
a friend: and install feeddemon to get your head around feeds and feed culture
a friend: Great.
a friend: "social technology" buzzword
a friend: maybe there is a job in there somewhere
a friend: to quote Mr. Simon again:
another friend: i put $300 in a samsung mp3 and don't get excited enough to listen to the same music but i would anytime listen to my favorite conversational sources...
a friend: "this is a lonely life / sorry is wherever you turn
a friend: and that is worht something when you think about it
a friend: that is worth soem money
another friend: yeah, but podcasting is a way to make money off it
a friend: the music suffers
a friend: the music business thrives
a friend: probabaly through ads
another friend: fuck the music, everybody and your mom has an earful of it!
a friend: i dont think you can charge for subscriptions for awhile yet
a friend: you just dont get it
a friend: its all those years of commie propaganda crushing the crative sould
another friend: man, i know your pain $$$$$ and i can offer you only hope but trust me, jobs don't come by
a friend: goddamn commies
a friend: jobs don't come by what ... blogging?
another friend: by blogging alone they won't come.
a friend: camn commies
a friend: that's the pleasure more than work one?
another friend: yeah!
another friend: fuck them!
a friend: i'm gonna add a disclaimer
a friend: "my opinions are not those of my employer" blah blah
another friend: i'm staying away from names and such
a friend: nicely suggests that one has an employer!
another friend: my opinions are not those of my future employee ;-)
a friend: my employees hae no opinions
another friend: man, you still hope for a job and what i tell you is that progress comes of no more hope!
a friend: been reading Nietszche?
another friend: nope
a friend: sounds like it
a friend: or just 20th century existential nihilims
another friend: it's got to be the water around here, look at W!
a friend: he's no nihilist
another friend: he's nono
a friend: used to be, but Jesus changed that
another friend: man, do you feel what i do?
a friend: hmmm?
another friend: let's see if we can capture this, and publish it!
a friend: easy
a friend: peasy
a friend: Mr. Freezy
another friend: do it!
a friend: OK. I'll blog it
another friend: but send it to me first for minor edits!
a friend: along with a legal contract
another friend: we need to remove the self awareness from the end
a friend: giving me all royalties
another friend: legal shit up your
another friend: yours
a friend: you wish
another friend: giving you what, highness?
a friend: this is pretty close to being as snappy as a phone call
a friend: but you got to get your computer skype shit working
a friend: i prefer "eminewnce"
another friend: but my keyboard can hardly keep up with it, and i don't type without looking at keys!
a friend: eminence
a friend: wince
a friend: ouch
another friend: eminence
a friend: i gotta go now
a friend: immenence
another friend: cherios!
a friend: bye fer now
another friend: caputure, and email it to me, please!